Cooking Diva: My Tasty Travels Around the World


I love food!  All sorts of food from all over the world. Last year I took the entire year off and just traveled the world trying different foods from different nations. All those delicious dishes I had seen on the television, internet, and passing different restaurants. Some I had made at home but I do not know what it is but whenever I try to replicate a dish from another nation, I notice it never taste as well as when I first had it from the source, if you will. It always like I am missing something or maybe the texture is a bit off, just not the same. I like to think that somethings are imbedded into us from years of our ancestors cooking and cherishing a dish or ingredient. That those people from that nation just have an innate way of manipulating to suit any one’s pallet.

A few years ago, I started planning and saving for this trip around the world. Just myself, my camera, and my laptop to blog about the destinations and cuisines. In addition, it was amazing. I was able to taste a delicious and simple pizza in Naples. Enjoy curry in India and taste chicken and suds in South Africa. I even at a kangaroo in the Australian outback with some of the originals. It was an amazing culinary adventure. Easily the best time in my life to date, I have yet been able to enjoy those kinds of freedom and adventure since then. In another, I plan to take another trip but I think I want to focus on continents. Taste dishes that each country from that continent is famous for. What each country is known to cook and cook well. I figured I could do china first then work my west.

What is even more special or maybe just as special is all the great people that I meet on my travels. I have to say all in all people are mostly decent and kind. I have yet to experience any type of hardships or prejudice. Just curious folks, proud of what they can do and their heritage. I get the opportunity to enter people’s homes and family businesses, you know. To do so I must be on my best behavior and empathetic to others customs and traditions.

This year my mother and father will join me on part of my trip to Malaysia.   My mom has loved everything Malaysia since she was a young girl. I think it has to do with the fact that her childhood best friend was a Malaysian girl from her neighborhood. They spent every day together from the time she was in the first grade until the third day of their seventh grade year. When he friend, Khadija, moved back to her homeland. Her father business was done here in the United States and they were expected in London. That next day. Since then she has been obsessed with Malaysia and Malaysian cuisine.

Overall, I live a great life and I am able to do what I love and a passionate about. Someday I hope to share all of my adventures with my children and grandchildren.